To provide advanced and mechanized facilities for producing panel based furnitures and wood based furnitures thus addressing three main issues i.e price, quality and delivery which are very important factors for customer.

The products that could be made from CIL factory include panel based furnitures having straight / curved edges like office tables, shelves, cots, cupboards, coffee tables, side tables, wall panel laminates, wall panel veneering, skirting, cove lights, Posters, Pedestals, wardrobes, wardrobes loft, free standing boxes, panel based doors, luggage racks, head boards for cots, perforated panels, fabric panels, column panels etc., and also wood based furnitures like door frames, meeting tables, conference tables, wooden chairs etc.,
Our factory is fully equipped to manufacture any products (panel based / wood based) as required by customers from any segment.



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