Environmental , Health & Safety Plans
In CIL, we are steadfast in all seriousness to ensure pollution free Environment through our own periodical appraisal of various activities and thereby avoiding it comprehensively wherever possible or by minimizing such activities which create adverse Environmental impacts.

It goes without saying that Health is fundamental for carrying out any activity. “Health is Wealth” – This is the maxim on which, we precise every possible measure in order to upgrade the Health of not only our employees but also all our Business Associates including consultants and sub-contractors in general.

In CIL, we attach topmost priority for Safety. Well defined Safety measures are in place to ensure an excellent Safety record.

We believe that negligence is the root cause for accidents and every accident is avoidable. Keeping this in mind, our Safety procedures are well defined, implemented and followed systematically at every level.

Our Safety Induction Programme throws light on every employee the Paramount Importance of Safety Awareness which results in safest working practices. We make every possible attempt to educate the Safety practices to all our Business Associates including consultants and sub-contractors about safety measures through periodical meetings and discussions.

We are thoroughly committed to implement and to continuously improve our systems and practices being followed with respect to Environmental, Health & Safety Plans.

At CIL we have a health plan, which takes care of not only its employees but also employees families.

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